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Mortgage Capacity Assessment Reports - helping you through your divorce matters.

Specialist reports used to assist parties to divorce proceedings.

Our Choice of Specialist Mortgage Capacity Reports.


This report includes all the details of capacity as in the above SINGLE MORTGAGE CAPACITY REPORT [link to single report] however also covers Applicant versus Respondent circumstances including a new Respondent Partner:

  • The details of what your likely level of maximum mortgage borrowing potential level is confirmed by a range of mortgage lenders currently present and showing favor to your overall financial circumstances.
  • Example mortgage illustrations including applicable fees and terms applicable - these confirm applicable monthly costs of borrowing applicable at this point coiciding with the maximum borrowing potential.
  • Confirmation of the result of affordability checks assessing fully all income and expenditure to lending scenarios offered.
  • A range of potential applicable financial scenarios and their affect to the potential to mortgage and for the maximum borrowing potential.
  • Reports are generated for the benefit of the court and not the client/instruction holder - this is to ensure impartial unbiased report generation is demonstrated.
  • All reports will confirm the necessary foundation data used to produce the comprehensive reports to provide transparency to the court process.
  • To instruct us to produce this report please click this link [link to single report].
    • The instruction of this report saves almost £100 when compared to the arrangement of two separate single reports.
    • Reports comply with the requirements set out in the Family Procedure Rules, part 25 for Experts and Assessors.
    • To instruct us to produce this report please click this link [link to joint report].


    These reports allow for the inclusion of additional scenarios that could effect the SINGLE or JOINT MORTGAGE CAPACITY ASSESSMENT reports. Multiple additional reports can be purchased, the details of such are:

    • Differing Deposit Amounts.
    • Increase In Income, with explanation of circumstances.
    • Decrease In Income, with explanation of circumstances.
    • Increase In Debt, with explanation of circumstances.
    • Decrease In Debt, with explanation of circumstances.
    • Being In Position To Retain The Former Marital Home, FMH, with explanation of circumstances.
    • Including Various Maintenance Payment Amounts.


    This addition allows for your qualified adviser to fit in and meet an urgent situation you are in - For cases where Respondents have failed to adhere to a courts deadline quickly enough and a return of report sooner than our usual response time is required for SINGLE or JOINT MORTGAGE CAPACITY ASSESSMENT reports.


    To allow for the urgent nature of these reports we accept payment by Debit and Credit Card - payment by BACS, bankers direct credit, is also accepted - please see the details in our further correspondence to make bank to bank payments. Cheques are not accepted as a fast enough payment method for reports that require the speed that the courts require.

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