Government 95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme

Government 95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme have been making it easier to get First Time Buyer Mortgages for over 30 years!

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So What is a Guarantee Mortgage?

The UK government launched it's "guaranteed mortgages" to help maintain the good growth of the mortgage and property markets by allowing buyers to purchase properties with only a 5% deposit. It does this by arranging with participating lenders to guarantee the mortgage transaction with a form of virtual deposit being counted by lenders in the underwriting of these mortgage transactions. It's a little like having a big brother helping you through a transaction and making sure all goes well. The actual agreement of lenders accepting a mortgage isn't guaranteed, borrowers still need to satisfy they are good for the monies, it simply assists in the amount of deposit that borrowers need to physically hand over on a property purchases exchange of contracts. Interested? you can make an Enquiry Here.

New Build and Pre-owned Property Mortgage Guarantees

The government mortgage guarantee scheme is available for use on New Build and Pre-Owned of Used Properties - this makes the very best priced properties available from only a 5% deposit. Often New Build property are priced at higher than the open market and in use of this guarantee scheme this isn't something to concern yourself about :-)

Self Employed Mortgage Guarantees

The government is happy for employment and self employed property purchasers to utilise their new government mortgage guarantee so no-one has been left out in this excellent scheme. Due to the frustrations of which lenders are offering these products and which lender is offering the best rates for these you need to speak to a reputable mortgage advice firm, like us, to ensure you get the very best deal from the mortgage market.


Adverse Credit Mortgage Guarantee

The right mortgages can be difficult to find on the High Street especially for someone with historic adverse bad credit on file for them. If you need help with a government mortgage guarantee at 95% please make contact with a copy of your credit report and we'll work through this and find a deal for you.Just call us 7 days a week well even pay for the call on freephone 0800 092 0800.

We have access to all sources of Mortgage Guarantee available in the UK

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