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Rental rates have increased dramatically making the rents that landlords are receiving from tenants a very good profitable investment, especially if you take into consideration the additional long term growth to be achieved from the rented properties value. Be aware that short to medium term buy to let investment can be a quite risky environment and you need to make sure that your household finances are sound in case of poor returns.

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Buy to Let, buying to let property mortgage, landlord mortgages, rent to buy property whatever you call them these transactions are now a significant part of the UK Property Market. This is mainly due to the vast demand for rented properties with a large percentage of the population deciding not to purchase their own homes, backed by the availability of easy funding from specialist mortgage advisers like us. For the would be landlord the benefit of buy to let is two fold with an additional income in excess of the mortgage expenses and an additional long term investment vehicle. INFORMATION, Property prices over the long term have always increased and this makes for very effective retirement & investment planning, the property letting market could well be for you with these buy to let mortgages.

We also have great facilities for Buy to Let landlords who have on file adverse credit including Missed Payments, County Court Judgments & Defaults! Mortgage Shop is already registered for the latest level of regulatory controls under Consumer Buy To Let - deal with fully registered and qualified advisers!

Buy to let mortgages can now be available with no rental calculations

We have helped numerous of our landlord clients go and fulfill their dreams in traveling the world funded by their properly funded buy to let property stock. If you too have serious ideas to get out of the rat race then talk to one of the first UK brokers to arrange these buy to let loans, we started assisting our property portfolio clients in 1993 well before most of our new competitors.

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Obtaining buy to let mortgage funding on properties intended to be let is easy if you know the right people that is, and as your here you have just met us. We offer landlord purchase funding from the whole market place based solely on property rental income with no reliance on you to have sufficient personal income to fulfill the loan, we can even assist if your previous credit status isn't straight forward. Your intended property will be assessed by a valuer for the obvious sound construction and an additional rental income estimate. With a buy to let mortgage or landlord mortgage available for purchases you can also let your existing home and purchase a new place for yourself these are let to buy mortgages, this is subject to further security. If you have an existing let property we can arrange to move your loan to a better home, this can also include borrowing for deposit money on additional let property purchases if required. Mortgage Shop is already registered for the latest level of regulatory controls under Consumer Buy To Let - deal with fully registered and qualified advisers!

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