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Mortgage Capacity Assessment Reports - helping you through your divorce matters.

Specialist mortgage capacity letters/reports are used to assist parties in court marital proceedings. Visit our Mortgage Capacity Assessment Report Calculator here.



This report includes the details of capacity to mortgage for one applicant - which includes:

  • The details of what your likely level of maximum mortgage borrowing potential level is confirmed by a range of mortgage lenders currently present and showing favor to your overall financial circumstances.
  • Example mortgage illustrations including applicable fees and terms applicable - these confirm applicable monthly costs of borrowing applicable at this point coiciding with the maximum borrowing potential.
  • Confirmation of the result of affordability checks assessing fully all income and expenditure to lending scenarios offered.
  • A range of potential applicable financial scenarios and their affect to the potential to mortgage and for the maximum borrowing potential.
  • Reports are generated for the benefit of the court and not the client/instruction holder - this is to ensure impartial unbiased report generation is demonstrated.
  • All reports will confirm the necessary foundation data used to produce the comprehensive reports to provide transparency to the court process.
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These reports allow for the inclusion of additional scenarios that could effect the SINGLE or JOINT MORTGAGE CAPACITY ASSESSMENT reports. Multiple additional reports can be purchased, the details of such are:

  • Differing Deposit Amounts.
  • Increase In Income, with explanation of circumstances.
  • Decrease In Income, with explanation of circumstances.
  • Increase In Debt, with explanation of circumstances.
  • Decrease In Debt, with explanation of circumstances.
  • Being In Position To Retain The Former Marital Home, FMH, with explanation of circumstances.
  • Including Various Maintenance Payment Amounts.
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This addition allows for your qualified adviser to fit in and meet an urgent situation you are in - For cases where Respondents have failed to adhere to a courts deadline quickly enough and a return of report sooner than our usual response time is required for SINGLE or JOINT MORTGAGE CAPACITY ASSESSMENT reports.

Mortgage Capacity Report Facts:


These capacity assessment reports are more reliable than just visiting your bank or using one of the many online quotation systems available. They need to be used by HM Courts to help the Judge make a decision on finances and need to be prepared impartially by an independent financial firm.


A properly constructed mortgage capacity report can give your financial settlement greater creditability when dealing with your solicitor and/or court staff - this includes the judge presiding over your family court proceedings. It can also be used by the other party (ex-partner and/or their solicitors) to help guide a clear path to a divorce settlement. Under the new system legal representatives consider the capacity reports as best practice in demonstrating financial and mortgage capacity.


The mortgage capacity report should provide a breakdown from a number of mortgage providers, banks and building societies, of the amount that a given lender will lend a subject. It usually should form recommendations, based upon the facts disclosed, leading to a specific lender and product. It will provide example indicative figure work comparing current differing forms of rate types with quoted likely interest rates with the monthly repayments and will demonstrate usual likely mortgage costs to assist the affordability of such.


Decent Mortgage Capacity Reports, like ours, provide a full breakdown of current categorised expenditure items confirming the monthly, quarterly, and yearly levels of surplus.

Credit Referencing

Our reports contain detailed analysis of 4 credit referencing agencies, ideally, to confirm all financial expenditure detail, confirm all account behavior traits and inform on any late, missed, defaulted items including HM court recovery actions/ bankruptcies. Such analysis can also confirm any potential financially linked individuals, where relevant.

Savings & Investments

A report should independently assess all savings, investments, shareholdings to allow for a crystal picture to emerge for the courts use. Obviously not every individual has any of such to take into account but with proper factfinding of individual circumstances any obvious additions can be included.

Pensions and Preserved Pensions

Existing pension data is as valuable as any other when compiling a comprehensive and professional mortgage capacity report. Having the correct qualifications to understand such contracts is essential to ensure that adequate pension analysis is undertaken in the report.


To allow for the urgent nature of these reports we accept payment by Debit and Credit Card - payment by BACS, bankers direct credit, is also accepted - please see the details in our further correspondence to make bank to bank payments. Cheques are not accepted as a fast enough payment method for reports that require the speed that the courts require.

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