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Mortgage Capacity Assessment Calculator


All of our Mortgage Capacity Assessment Reports feature a calculation of the high band of borrowing you could achieve from the 5 best performing lenders showing their respective maximum mortgage amounts to assist demonstrating your mortgage capacity. These calculations are created by our bespoke systems using lender data, income assessment, existing commitment calculations, likely adverse credit effect on lender decisioning.

Example Mortgage Capacity Assessment Maximum Mortgage Report Calculation Result

Client Name: B Johnson (likely future client)
Aged: 45
Occupation: Truth Avoider
Income: £165,000 (overpaid, under believed)

  • Bentley Finance £165,000 - £1,098 monthly 5 years remaining
  • Hair Transplanting Credit £6,100 - £68 monthly 3 years remaining
Adverse Credit Detail:
  • County Court Judgment 01/05/2021
  • Failing to Pay Child Maintenance £9100 Unsatisfied
Maximum Mortgage Range - All Lenders: £782,000 to £824,000
Highest Lenders Maximum Mortgage Figure:
  • Lender A Maximum: £824,000
  • Lender B Maximum: £820,000
  • Lender C Maximum: £812,000
  • Lender D Maximum: £795,000
  • Lender E Maximum: £782,000

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