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Flexible Mortgage Information

What we Think

  • These mortgages are superb if taken out for the right reasons, however you must have it in mind to make monthly payments of more than the normal payment or to offset your mortgage account with a savings or current account to gain maximum advantage of interest savings from the facility.
  • When choosing a flexible mortgage it must be one which offers TRUE CURRENT ACCOUNT FACILITIES with a cheque book, credit card, standing orders, direct debits, daily interest etc all built into standard banking facilities.
  • You must have it mind to not use these loans as a way of borrowing for short term needs, like cars, holidays & similar occasions these all have a reverse effect on the reason for buying a Flexible Mortgage, TO SAVE ON INTEREST CHARGES!
  • People are running around worrying about Redemption Penalties, if you pick the right Flexible Mortgage you should not need to move your loan to another company as it should be ideal for all future needs, so moving it to another lender shouldn't be necessary at all unless the lender in question becomes extremely uncompetitive.

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"Remarks made are strictly ours and not any lenders, however they should help you in understanding what all the FLEXIBLE HYPE is all about"

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