Local Mortgage Information

Deciding on a location to move into is a difficult decision. Here we have attempted to bring some resources on the web together to help you make informed decisions based on the different factors affecting your decision, such as time to work, local schools and local amenities. This section is growing frequently and having said this we are happy to accept any additions that you feel would be useful to be included here.

www.propertyindex.com UK Property Finding Service, the only one sadly that we can recommend.
Schoolsnet The UK's No1 education destination for parents, teachers, pupils and students.
Street Map This site provides address searching and street map facilities for the UK
HM Land Registry This site provides you with  information about the Land Registry, forms for use in registering transactions, and publications offering guidance on a range of subjects.
RAC Find out how far it is from your new home to work and plan your new routes to see friends and relatives.
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