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Dear Mortgage Shop,

After many years of renting we approached The Mortgage Shop to see if it was possible for us to buy a property. This was not going to be easy due to age, relocation and self-employment. There were a couple of hiccups along the way, but despite this, in a very short space of time a mortgage offer came through. We cannot thank Gary, Jenny and all the team enough in getting the funding we needed which was due to their hard work, persistence and knowledge of the market.

We are now looking foward to moving to our new home at the coast!


Yours, Juliette Selby & David Selby

Even during financial market chaos, we can still pull off clients' mortgage transactions leading to amazing reviews like this one! The secret is we have impartial and unbiased access to ALL available lenders through our amazing privately owned computer-based processing systems, which we have been building since almost our beginnings in 1988, which help us to transact our client's needs using bespoke handling software and keep our clients happy :-) But don't take our word for it let us find you the very best mortgage for your needs and you will see :-)

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