Slava & Hlib Customer Review - Testimonial

Dear Gary,

You cannot imagine how grateful we are to you and your team for helping us get our first home. We know that a family with a disabled person on income protection is not the best fit for getting a good mortgage deal but you somehow pulled a small miracle out of your sleeve which makes our decision to turn to you to help one of the best decisions in our lives.

We would also like to say thank you for your patience with our endless questions and for your support. The team had always known about the upcoming challenges and sorted them out even before they appeared.

We wish you and your team the best of luck and you can be sure we will be in touch should we need another mortgage.

Best wishes,

Slava & Hlib

Even during a mortgage rate crazy period - due to poor government fiscal handling, we can still pull off clients mortgage transactions leading to such wonderful feedback! The case was tricky and would lead less poorly qualified and experienced adviser to have run away scares. The secret is we have impartial and unbiased access to ALL available lenders through our amazing privately owned computer-based processing systems, which we have been building since almost our beginnings in 1988, which help us to transact our client's needs using bespoke handling software and keep our clients happy :-) But don't take our word for it let us find you the very best mortgage for your needs and you will see :-)

Shameless Plug BELOW :-)

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