Hi Gary

It was reassuring to talk with you the other evening, when everyone else is closed and watching Coronation Street - thank you for calling.

I know our case is not straight forward but to be honest, if it was, we would have just gone to Santander and remortgaged without any problem. Your expertise is what we need on this occasion and we have every confidence that you can get us sorted, hopefully in double quick time! Our financial position won't get better as time goes on, only worse!

Just to clarify, it wasn't necessarily an extravagant lifestyle, moreover a period without income from May - December 2009 due to redundancy without a drop in living standards that took all our resources and started the road to our current position. Probably a story you've heard countless times but nevertheless, true.

As you proved to us 10 years ago when we first became a client you're the man to sort it, I know.

Many thanks.


R&M Ford




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