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The Intermediary Magazine - Average 2-year fix rate mortgage hits 6%   Green Tick

  (19/06/2023) The Intermediary

Moneyfacts reports that the average rate on a 2-year fixed mortgage in the UK has risen to over 6%, reaching 6.01%, an increase from 5.98% on Friday and 5.26% at the start of May. This increase brings average 2-year fixed mortgage rates back towards the levels witnessed in the turmoil following the mini-Budget last autumn when rates reached 14-year highs. Longer-term fixed-rate mortgages are also becoming more expensive, with the average 5-year fixed rate climbing to 5.67%, up from 5.62% on Friday. These figures mirror financial market expectations that the Bank of England will implement several interest rate hikes this year. Markets predict that rates could reach 5.75% by the end of the year. Read Expert Reaction:

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The Intermediary - Industry reaction to ONS Inflation figures   Green Tick

  (19/07/2023) The Intermediary

Inflation figures have hit their lowest level in several months, following highs of 11.1% in October 2022, according to latest figures. In an announcement released this morning, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) confirmed that UK inflation fell to 7.9% for the month of June. This marks a substantial decline of 0.8%, which saw figures remain steady at 8.7% in May. In light of these figures, industry experts have been sharing their reactions to the news, and have been speculating as to what this may mean for the market going forward. Reaction:

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The Intermediary Magazine - Brokers react to “curveball” week for mortgage market   Green Tick

  (30/05/2023) The Intermediary

The mortgage market saw a sudden shift in outlook last week as higher than predicted inflation figures left the door open to further interest rate rises. Following the recent mini-Budget, many believed the mortgage landscape was improving steadily. However, the Chancellor’s indication that he is comfortable with the possibility of higher rates, despite the risk of recession, has caused significant worry amongst professionals. Read the experts opinions:

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The Intermediary - Halifax increases maximum working age for mortgages to 75   Green Tick

  (31/07/2023) Halifax Bank, The Intermediary

From tomorrow (Tuesday 1st of August), Halifax will increase the maximum working age, using earned income to age 75. Mortgage professionals shared their thoughts on how this move may affect the market going forward.

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The Intermediary - Brokers Slam Housing Associations for Conditional Selling   Green Tick

  (03/05/2023) The Intermediary

Housing Associations have come under fire from financial advisers who accuse them of alleged "conditional selling" on new properties and "potentially" lining their pockets with referral fees by insisting buyers use certain solicitors and mortgage brokers. Read their comments.,certain%20solicitors%20and%20mortgage%20brokers.

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The Intermediary - Coventry introduces fixed rate mortgage rises   Green Tick

  (14/02/2024) Coventry Building Society, The Intermediary

Coventry for Intermediaries has this morning announced new fixed mortgage rate rises across its product offering. For new borrowers, the society will be increasing fixed rates at 65% to 85% loan-to-value (LTV) throughout its residential range, along with 5-year fixes at 90% to 95% LTV with fee. 2- and 3-year fixed purchase rates at 90% LTV will also see an increase, along with a number of remortgage options. For existing borrowers, all residential fixed rates (excluding offset deals) from 65% to 85% LTV will see increases, along with 2-year deals from 90% to 95% LTV and 5-year deals at 95% LTV. In addition, for new borrowers looking to avail of the society’s buy-to-let range, there will be additional increases across the lender’s 2-year fixed remortgages, its 2-year fixed purchase rates with no fee, as well as its 5-year fixed rates. We asked brokers for their thoughts:

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The Intermediary Newspaper - A period of adjustment - brokers react to current UK fixed rates   Green Tick

  (06/09/2023) The Intermediary

With a number of major lenders introducing fixed rate reductions this week, many commentators have speculated that the mortgage market is finally on a slow road to recovery following months of turmoil and 14 consecutive base rate rises.

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The Intermediary Newspaper - Barclay's acquistion of Kensington Mortgages gets a Mixed Reaction from Brokers   Green Tick

  (01/03/2023) Barclays, The Intermediary

The deal that has seen banking powerhouse Barclay's swoop for specialist lender Kensington Mortgages has met with mixed feelings from financial advisers and mortgage broker firms.

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The Intermediary Newspaper - Inflation slowed to 8.7% in April 2023   Green Tick

  (24/05/2023) The Intermediary

Inflation stood at 8.7% in April 2023, down from 10.1% in March and a recent peak of 11.1% in October 2022, the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures show. Read the industries reaction:

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The Intermediary Newspaper - Nationwide supports mortgage members making green home improvements with 0% borrowing   Green Tick

  (15/05/2023) Nationwide Building Society, The Intermediary

Nationwide Building Society is increasing support for mortgage members improving the energy efficiency of their homes by reducing the interest rate on Green Additional Borrowing to 0%. The new 0% Green Additional Borrowing products, which will be available from Thursday 1 June, will enable up to 5,000 households with a Nationwide mortgage to borrow £5,000-£15,000 up to a maximum of 90% loan-to-value (LTV) across the 2- or 5-year product term. Experts React:

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The Intermediary Newspaper - House Prices Dip Again in December - Nationwide   Green Tick

  (30/12/2022) Nationwide Building Society, The Intermediary

House prices have declined for the fourth consecutive month in December with the rate of annual house price dropping to 2.8%, according to Nationwide Building Societies' latest house price index. Property and financial experts give their opinion on the potential of a minor blip or a major fall in property prices in 2023.

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The Intermediary Magazine - Number of residential products rises above 5,000   Green Tick

  (14/06/2023) The Intermediary

The number of residential mortgage products available in the UK market has risen above 5,000, according to recent research from Moneyfacts. And with the average mortgage rates not rising as sharply, some may be forgiven for looking upon the market more optimistically as of late. But with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak today warning that rates may once again hit 6% – and many lenders being forced to pull products from market in order to reprice, Newspage asked brokers what they really think of the market at the moment. Read industry comments:

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The Intermediary Newspaper - Specialist lenders spearhead rate cuts, but will the High Street lenders follow?   Green Tick

  (21/07/2023) Generation Home, The Intermediary

Over the past two days, challenger lenders like MPowered Mortgages and Gen H have introduced a fresh wave of rate reductions. Citing the recent dip in swap rates, MPowered said it is “taking the opportunity to pass the savings to you and your customers by lowering all of our 2-year fixed rates.” In light of this, along with Wednesday’s widely welcomed inflation announcement that saw inflation dip to 7.9%, brokers have been sharing their predictions as to where the market is headed, and if more rate reductions, particularly from the ‘big’ high street lenders, could be on the horizon. Read Expert Opinion:

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The Intermediary - TSB cuts rates on residential mortgages and additional borrowing products   Green Tick

  (02/10/2023) TSB Intermediaries, The Intermediary

TSB has announced reductions across a range of its financial products, including significant cuts in rates for residential, product transfer and additional borrowing. The rate cuts go up to 0.35% and start from a baseline of 4.89%. Financial Advice firms react:

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The Intermediary - TSB latest mortgage lender to announce rate cuts, as swaps edge down   Green Tick

  (24/08/2023) TSB Intermediaries, The Intermediary

TSB was this morning the latest lender to announce rate cuts. With 2- and 5-year swap rates also coming down over the past 24 hours, brokers welcomed the move by the TSB, albeit with caveats. On Friday 25th August TSB is reducing rates on 2-year fixed house purchase and remortgage, 0-75% loan-to-value (LTV), by 0.10% and lowering its 3-year fixed remortgage, 0-75% LTV, by 0.10%. Brokers were quick to react to the news when canvassed.

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The Intermediary Magazine - UK house price growth slowed in April, average price at £286,000   Green Tick

  (21/06/2023) The Intermediary

April 2023 data from the HM Land Registry (HMLR) indicates that average UK house prices increased by 3.5% in the year to April 2023, down from 4.1% in the previous 12 months, and significantly below the recent peak annual inflation of 14.2% in July 2022. The average house price in the UK now stands at £286,000, a £9,000 increase from a year ago, but £7,000 lower than the peak recorded in September 2022. Experts comment:

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