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London Loves Property - Barclays to ‘fire up rest of High Street’ with first sub-5% 2-year fixed remortgage product for some time   Green Tick

  (16/11/2023) Barclays, London Loves Property

Barclays has just announced the first sub-5% 2-year fixed remortgage product for months, which will go live on Friday. Brokers said it would fire up the rest of the High Street and take the rate war up a notch. Experts Discuss:

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London Loves Property Newspaper - Property experts warn if the Bank of England raises interest rates further the future is bleak   Green Tick

  (19/06/2023) London Loves Property

Ahead of this week’s Monetary Policy Committee meeting, UK newswire, Newspage, asked a selection of financial services experts whether they think the Bank of England should increase rates this week and how they believe it has handled the inflation crisis to date. See their views:

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