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Daily Mail Your Money - Borrowers stuck on 7% default rates as Land Registry backlog 'beyond a joke'   Green Tick

  (28/03/2023) Daily Mail

Homeowners remortgaging their properties are coming off cheap fixes onto standard variable rates of 7%+ because of big delays - of up to two years - at HM Land Registry (HMLRJ. We ask financial and property experts for their opinions and they don't hold back. https://www.yourmoney.com/mortgages/borrowers-stuck-on-7-default-rates-as-land-registry-backlog-beyond-a-joke/

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Daily Mail - Borrowers now spending more income on their mortgage than at any time since the 2008 financial crisis... as rates edge closer to 6%   Green Tick

  (16/06/2023) Daily Mail

Britain's homeowners are now spending more income on their mortgage than at any time since 2008, it was revealed today as average rates closed in on 6 per cent. Repayments on new loans accounted for an average of 20 per cent of borrowers' gross incomes between January and April, according to trade body UK Finance. This is up from 17 per cent in 2020 and is now at the highest level since it hit 23 per cent during the financial crisis. Furthermore, the latest data covered a period that came before the huge rise in mortgage rates which only began three weeks ago. The rates increase has continued this week, with the average two-year fixed mortgage jumping again to 5.98 per cent today from 5.92 per cent yesterday. Read expert comments: https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/article-12202145/Britons-spending-income-mortgage-time-2008.html

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Daily Mail - Yet more mortgage misery for Brits as HSBC hikes rates for the second time in a week   Green Tick

  (14/06/2023) HSBC, Daily Mail

Britain's mortgage woe deepened today as HSBC revealed it would withdraw more deals from the market and financial experts warned further pain is on the way. The bank said it was pulling deals for the second time in less than a week, with all new business residential mortgages being removed their broker services at 5pm today 'in order to maintain our service levels', before its rates rise again tomorrow. It comes after HSBC temporarily withdrew all residential and buy-to-let new business mortgage deals via brokers last Friday to stay 'within our operational capacity'. Mortgage holders are facing ever-higher repayment costs amid concerns the Bank of England will raise interest rates again on June 22 to help keep inflation under control. See the experts view: https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/article-12193577/Mortgage-rates-fall-experts-predict-period-calm.html

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Daily Mail Your Money - Borrower blues: Average two-year fixed-rate mortgage breaches 6% but brokers urge calm   Green Tick

  (19/06/2023) Daily Mail

Mortgage brokers have said borrowers should remain calm and look beyond average rate figures as a financial comparison site revealed the average two-year fixed rate was now 6.01%. Read theie comments: https://www.yourmoney.com/mortgages/borrower-blues-average-two-year-fixed-rate-mortgage-breaches-6-but-brokers-urge-calm/

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Daily Mail - UK biggest lender Halifax increases its age cap   Green Tick

  (04/08/2023) Halifax Bank, Daily Mail

Homeowners can now have a mortgage up to the age of 75 with the country's biggest lender, Halifax. Halifax has increased its maximum working age from 70 to 75, for applicants wanting to pay off a home loan with their wages. The lender said it was upping its age limit to help older workers who needed a mortgage later in life. Financial experts give their opinions: https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-12369193/Whats-age-limit-mortgage-Biggest-lender-increases-cap.html

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Daily Mail - Should I fix my mortgage or take a tracker? We ask a dozen brokers what they'd do   Green Tick

  (27/02/2024) Daily Mail

After more than a decade or low and steady rates there is a lot more at stake, we ask 12 mortgage brokers to go out on a limb and reveal what they'd do. Anyone taking out a mortgage at the moment will likely be pondering the same questions - how long to fix for? Should they fix at all? It is a decision that could save them - or cost them - thousands of pounds, depending on what they choose. Back in the days of predictable rock-bottom interest rates, it was a relatively easy decision to make - after all, every option was cheap. More than a decade of steady interest rates also lulled many into believing that mortgage rates were unlikely to change dramatically in the future. We asked 12 top financial advisers in the UK for their feelings: https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-13126707/Should-fix-mortgage-tracker-ask-dozen-brokers-theyd-do.html

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Daily Mail - How inflation is still hammering your wallet: Britons are hit by rising cost of houses, travel, food and schools while Bank of England hikes interest rates to 4.5%   Green Tick

  (11/05/2023) Daily Mail

Households across Britain are continuing to struggle with rampant inflation which is impacting almost every aspect of life, from food prices to mortgage costs. The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed inflation was still as high as 10.1 per cent in March after a surprise acceleration in February. The figure has rocketed over the past year on the back of spiking energy prices after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and more recent jumps in food costs. We ask a variety of people across skillsets for comments. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12071739/How-UK-inflation-affects-mortgage-rates-fuel-costs-heres-means.html

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