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Mortgage and Property Investment Magazine - Experts comment as Bank of England hikes base rate to 4.5%   Green Tick

  (11/05/2023) Mortgage and Property Investment Magazine

Today’s announcement from the Bank of England that UK base rates are to increase by 0.25% from the previous rate of 4.25% to a new rate of 4.5%, must hardly come as a surprise. Today’s move signals the twelfth consecutive time since December 2021 that the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has hiked bank rate to the highest level since 2008. It focuses on the Bank’s aim of reducing inflation back towards it’s 2% target, however the impact on house owners and mortgages is set to add to the pain that the cost of living crisis is already delivering for millions of Brits. Mortgage, property and other finance experts have been sharing their views on what the latest hike means for property markets and borrowers with IFA Magazine as follows: https://ifamagazine.com/article/mortgage-and-property-experts-comment-as-bank-of-england-hikes-base-rate-to-4-5/

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Property & Investment Magazine - What do today’s inflation data mean for mortgage and property markets? Experts react   Green Tick

  (24/05/2023) Mortgage and Property Investment Magazine

On the surface of it, the inflation data published this morning by the ONS might appear to be good news as the headline number dipped back to single figures. However there are signs that inflation is becoming rather embedded in the UK economy which is not such good news. But what does this latest data mean for the mortgage and property markets in the UK? Mortgage brokers and other property experts have been sharing their reaction to the news as follows: https://ifamagazine.com/article/what-do-todays-inflation-data-mean-for-mortgage-and-property-markets-experts-react/

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Mortgage and Property Investment Magazine - Halifax HPI - reaction from brokers and property experts   Green Tick

  (07/02/2023) Halifax Bank, Mortgage and Property Investment Magazine

Following today's report from Halifax on H Pl - mortgage brokers and property experts have shared their reactions with Mortgage and Property Investment Magazine via a leading newswire service. https://ifamagazine.com/article/halifax-hpi-reaction-from-brokers-and-property-experts/

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Investment & Property Magazine - Latest Rightmove figures show the average asking price rose by 1.8% in May – Views from property experts   Green Tick

  (22/05/2023) Mortgage and Property Investment Magazine

According to Rightmove, the average asking price rose by £6,647 or 1.8% month-on-month, in May – the biggest rise of the year so far. Tim Bannister, Rightmove’s director of property science, said: “This month’s strong jump in new seller asking prices looks like a belated reaction and a sign of increasing confidence from sellers, as we’d usually see such a big monthly increase earlier in the spring season.” UK newswire, Newspage, asked property experts if it’s a buyers’ or sellers’ market. The experts views can be seen: https://ifamagazine.com/article/latest-rightmove-figures-show-the-average-asking-price-rose-by-1-8-in-may-views-from-property-experts/

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Mortgage & Property Investment Magazine - Advisers and Brokers react to Skipton’s 100% mortgage   Green Tick

  (10/05/2023) Skipton Building Society, Mortgage and Property Investment Magazine

Earlier this week, Skipton Building Society announced their new 100% mortgage scheme that will allow renters who are struggling to save a deposit the chance to get onto the property ladder. It’s the first no-deposit deal that doesn’t require a guarantor’s backing to launch in the UK since 2008 and the reaction to the scheme has split opinion across the financial services sector. We ask Financial Advisers for their opinion. https://ifamagazine.com/article/advisers-and-brokers-react-to-skiptons-100-mortgage/

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Mortgage & Property Magazine - Are we heading for a property market crash? Experts deliver their views   Green Tick

  (09/06/2023) Halifax Bank, Mortgage and Property Investment Magazine

Following the Halifax reporting earlier this week that house prices registered the first annual contraction in more than a decade in May, UK newswire, Newspage, asked property experts if a property market crash is on the cards. The views of 10 can be seen below. https://ifamagazine.com/article/are-we-heading-for-a-property-market-crash-experts-deliver-their-views/

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Mortgage & Property Investment Magazine - Specialist lenders spearhead rate cuts, but will high street follow? Brokers give their views   Green Tick

  (21/07/2023) Generation Home, Mortgage and Property Investment Magazine

Over the past two days, challenger lenders like MPowered and Gen H have turned the tables with a fresh wave of rate reductions. Citing the recent dip in swap rates, MPowered said they are “taking the opportunity to pass the savings to you and your customers by lowering all of our 2-year fixed rates”. UK newswire, Newspage, asked brokers for their views and whether the high street will soon follow suit. https://ifamagazine.com/specialist-lenders-spearhead-rate-cuts-but-will-high-street-follow-brokers-give-their-views/

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