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Estate Agent Introducer Today - Will There Be A Housing Crash   Green Tick

  (13/06/2023) Introducer Today

Mortgage lenders and brokers have rarely had a higher profile than right now, when they are seen as key to the taste of the housing market’s future - whether that’s a crash or a soft landing. Here are the views of eight in the industry. Put simply…do they think there will be a housing crash? Read their opinions: https://www.introducertoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2023/6/will-there-be-a-housing-crash

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Introducer Today - King’s Speech This Week - leasehold reform backed by mortgage advice bosses   Green Tick

  (06/11/2023) Introducer Today

Tomorrow’s King’s Speech, setting out the legislative agenda for the coming year, looks certain to include leasehold reform - and the mortgage industry appears to be unanimously in support. The housing minister, Rachel Maclean, has confirmed that a Bill to phase out some leaseholds in England and Wales will be covered in the King's Speech . She’s tweeted: “Plans to phase out leasehold and restore true home ownership confirmed today as part of the King’s Speech. We will restore true home ownership to millions of people and end the reign of rip-off freeholders and incompetent profiteering management companies.” https://www.introducertoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2023/11/kings-speech-this-week--leasehold-reform-backed-by-mortgage-bosses?source=newsticker

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Introducer Today - Nationwide slashed rates means price war goes on to end of year   Green Tick

  (27/11/2023) Nationwide Building Society, Introducer Today

Nationwide has reduced selected mortgage rates by up to 0.43 per cent across its New Business, Switcher, Additional Borrowing, Existing Customers Moving Home and Tracker product ranges. Advisers provide comment: https://www.introducertoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2023/11/nationwides-slashed-rates-means-price-war-goes-on-to-end-of-year

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