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IFA Magazine - Latest UK inflation data better than expected, but what does it mean for mortgages and property? Experts react   Green Tick

  (19/07/2023) IFA Magazine

Today’s news from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed the latest UK inflation data for the year to June 2023. For once it is good news, but how good is it really? The data show a fall in CPI inflation to 7.9% in June, down from 8.7% in the year to May, to the lowest level in over a year. Importantly, core inflation has also fallen by more than was expected, down to 6.9% from 7.1% last month. Experts React: https://ifamagazine.com/latest-uk-inflation-data-better-than-expected-but-what-does-it-mean-for-mortgages-and-property-experts-react/

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IFA Magazine - Comparison Sites, Pro's & Cons   Green Tick

  (17/03/2023) IFA Magazine

Do mortgage comparison sites have a role in financial advice? Broker firms and Financial Advisers share their views with the mortgage, property and investment publication IFA magazine. https://ifamagazine.com/category/mortgage-and-property/

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IFA Magazine - Brokers Reveal Which Lenders Stand out for First Time Buyers   Green Tick

  (01/03/2023) Nationwide Building Society, IFA Magazine

Following Robert Gardner of Nationwide Building Society outlining the challenges faced by First Time Buyers, in the lenders HPI update, we asked leading mortgage brokers which lenders are the most innovative when it comes to first-time-buyers, in relation to underwriting, criteria, and product creation. https://ifamagazine.com/category/mortgage-and-property/

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IFA Mag - Supplement or substitute - How do advisers view ChatGPT's potential impact on financial services?   Green Tick

  (31/03/2023) IFA Magazine

Al technology is, without doubt, the future we are heading towards. However, what that future looks like is still unclear. How will Al be used? Will it replace human labour? When will Al be ready for mainstream use? These are all questions that have come to the forefront of people's minds in recent weeks as news of Chat GPT dominates headlines and swarms social media. The UK's top advisers are asked for their opinions. https://ifamagazine.com/article/supplement-or-substitute-how-do-advisers-view-chatgpt-potential-impact-on-financial-services/

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IFA Magazine - Nationwide House Price Index, latest update   Green Tick

  (01/02/2023) Nationwide Building Society, IFA Magazine

Following the Nationwide Building Societies release of the latest House Price Index data this story shares the views of financial advisers, estate agents and mortgage brokers with us. https://ifamagazine.com/category/mortgage-and-property/

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IFA Magazine - Fintech versus high street lenders – brokers deliver their verdict and identify pros and cons   Green Tick

  (25/04/2023) IFA Magazine

We asked mortgage brokers and financial services tech experts how fintech lenders compare to traditional high street lenders. The views of brokers from around the UK can be seen in this piece. https://ifamagazine.com/article/fintech-versus-high-street-lenders-brokers-deliver-their-verdict-and-identify-pros-and-cons/

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IFA Magazine - What's in a Name Revealed   Green Tick

  (08/03/2023) IFA Magazine

On an obvious slow financial news day leading financial advice magazine IFA asked financial adviser and mortgage firms "where did you get the handle" - the response in some cases came as a surprise, NOT! https://ifamagazine.com/category/mortgage-and-property/

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IFA Magazine - UK Inflation unexpectedly jumps to 10.4%   Green Tick

  (22/03/2023) IFA Magazine

With the latest UK inflation data published showing an unexpected jump to 10.4% in Feb 2023 it gives the Bank Of Englands Monetary Committee food for thought in their looming meeting. Financial and Mortgage Advisers share their response to this unwelcomed news. https://ifamagazine.com/category/mortgage-and-property/

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