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Mortgage Solutions - How to stop homeownership becoming an elite privilege broker analysis help for First Time Buyers   Green Tick

  (03/11/2023) Yorkshire Building Society, Mortgage Solutions

Brokers have suggested that schemes like the shared ownership programme can prove effective in helping more first-time buyers onto the ladder, and prevent homeownership becoming an 'elite privilege'. A study last week from Yorkshire Building Society revealed a downbeat attitude among prospective first-time buyers about their purchasing prospects, with the majority believing homeownership is rapidly becoming a privilege reserved only for the wealthiest. Brokers were divided on how true this really is in practice, though some were keen to highlight that support programmes like shared ownership offer a route through the difficulties faced by many would-be homeowners. https://www.mortgagesolutions.co.uk/news/2023/11/03/how-to-stop-homeownership-becoming-an-elite-privilege%e2%80%92-broker-analysis/

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