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Mortgage Solutions - Brokers bemoan borrower budgets for protection ? analysis   Green Tick

  (18/01/2024) Vitality Life , Mortgage Solutions

Brokers need to be creative in finding the right protection solutions for clients with reduced budgets, intermediaries have suggested. Household budgets continue to be under pressure as a result of a prolonged period of higher outgoings, not least on mortgages, meaning many have less money to devote towards insurance policies. Indeed, many are considering cutting protection policies just to make ends meet ? particularly the younger demographic. And while brokers reported that in the main borrowers understand the need for protection, they suggested that working around the reduced budgets to find the right policies can be a challenge. Follow the discussion: https://www.mortgagesolutions.co.uk/news/2024/01/18/brokers-bemoan-borrower-budgets-for-protection-%E2%80%92-analysis/

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